"I AM" Earrings

"I AM" Earrings


Part of our “Becoming Collection”, which explores the process and experience of evolving as a person throughout life, the “I AM” Earrings invite self-acceptance and self-awareness. I learned about the “I AM” exercise while working for the Women’s Wilderness Institute; we would do journaling activities with girls and women in which we list qualities we like about ourselves, because articulating and sharing these qualities is a way to own them, to sink more confidently into our strengths.

Made from orbs of matte finish amazonite on minimalist ear wires, I make an “I AM” statement each time I put on, or remove these earrings. For example, in the morning I might say “I am strong, I am creative.” At night, “I am vulnerable, I am fulfilled.”

What do you like about yourself?

  • 2” drop

  • 14k gold fill ear wires

  • amazonite beads vary in color, from subtle blue-green to tan, grey and white. We’ll pick two beautiful and matching beads for your earrings.

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