Fern Ring

Fern Ring


Less than a year ago, we moved our jewelry studio from an urban setting, to a space tucked away in a forest. Each season has been abundant with surprises as plants emerge and delight us with their form, intricacy, color, and vivacity. In out shaded environment, ferns thrive and we’ve become acquainted with stunning varieties. Reading about ferns, we’ve learned they are symbols of magic, fascination, confidence, and shelter. Carved in sterling silver, this fern ring is a reminder to stay alert to the bounty afoot that can so easily be passed over in the flow of the day.

  • Sterling silver

  • This ring is adjustable, but we will form it to your selected size. You will be able to adjust the size of the ring by approx 1-2 sizes by gently opening or curving the ring more closed.

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