"She's Free Spirited" Bundle

"She's Free Spirited" Bundle


This is an ensemble for the "She's Free Spirited" girl.  Who's she?  Think bare-feet, tousled hair, and joyful laughter.  She's the one dancing at the music fest, and the first to go off the rope swing.  She may grow her own vegetables, brew her own kombucha or sew her own clothes.  You might notice her jeans have paint stains in alizarin crimson and sap green, but she doesn't mind at'all. 

For the Free Spirited girls, we recommend playful, powerful, earthy pieces. 

In this bundle you get:

  • The Truest Self Talisman in bronze, sterling silver and garnet, $98
  • The Beau-Fort Bracelet in espresso leather and sterling silver, $38
  • The Teardrop Necklace in garnet, $28
  • Full price for the trio is $164.  You save $24 by bundling!



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