althea collection

An homage to the female form, the Althea Collection is a continuation on the theme of honoring yourself. Drawing from the Greek word for healing, this piece is worn
as a reminder to embrace your strength, vulnerability and sensuality.


make a difference with your purchase!

During the pre-order, $10 from every piece sold will be donated to your choice of charity:

The Women’s Wilderness Institute

Planned Parenthood

After the pre-order, $5 from every Althea sold will be donated to a revolving charity that supports female empowerment, health and leadership.

Do you know of an organization that improves the lives of women?
We’d love to learn about it, please contact us at britta@brittaambauen.com


The design of the Althea is inspired by the whole clitoris, recognizing that there’s more to this amazing structure than meets the eye. Wearing this symbol is a signal to the world that you are part of a movement of women who respect ourselves, live authentically, speak our minds, and support one another. A sisterhood. Welcome.