The Archetype Collection is inspired by the diverse roles we embody as women.  Ever evolving, we wear our archetype necklaces to stay connected with our strengths and intentions.     

An “Alchemist” transforms things for the better.  She may enter her kitchen with sacks of raw vegetables, and emerge with an ethereal salad.  She could spend her afternoons with a herd of rambunctious eight year old, and create a united soccer team.  Around here, we like to practice our alchemy by transforming scraps of metal and beautiful stones into meaningful art.

We chose lapis lazuli to represent the alchemist, because it is said to stimulate the infinite possibilities of the imagination.  Lapis combines a deep blue color with subtle swirls of gold, reminding us of the alchemist’s power to bring different elements together to make something greater than the sum of the parts. 

Each gemstone is unique. Your stone will be similar to the stone in the photo, but the size, shape and color will be like no other. We take care to select a beautiful stone for each and every necklace.

14k gold fill chain, 19”

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