LEADER: picture jasper

LEADER: picture jasper


The Archetype Collection is inspired by the diverse roles we embody as women.  Ever evolving, we wear our archetype necklaces to stay connected with our strengths and intentions.     

Picture jasper is a remarkable form of brown jasper that is characterized by scenes and landscape patterns made by nature.  We chose this stone for the Leader, because it brings the wearer grounding energy as well as wisdom from the past.  While there are many approaches to leadership, all leaders set an example, and support the people around them in moving toward a collective vision.  Maintaining a connection with one’s roots and values is important as the leader navigates the diverse challenges that arise at the helm.

Each gemstone is unique. Your stone will be similar to the stone in the photo, but the size, shape and color will be like no other. We take care to select a beautiful stone for each and every necklace.

14k gold fill chain, 19”

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