PHILOSOPHER: quartz crystal

PHILOSOPHER: quartz crystal


The Archetype Collection is inspired by the diverse roles we embody as women.  Ever evolving, we wear our archetype necklaces to stay connected with our strengths and intentions.     

The Philosopher ponders the depths of the unknown and seeks to uncover universal truths of being. Comfortable with the mysteries of the world and inspired to dig deeper, her mind will often be a source of enlightened perspective. She’s the one you call late at night when you’re amidst a massive shift in life, the one you seek out at dinner parties when you’re in the mood for heady debates. The Quartz Crystal Spear is thought by many ancient cultures to embody the spirit of a divine energy, capable of translating wisdom and intentions into the material world. The Philosopher carries this gem with her to magnify her talents as a truth-seeker.

Each gemstone is unique. Your stone will be similar to the stone in the photo, but the size, shape and color will be like no other. We take care to select a beautiful stone for each and every necklace.

14k gold fill chain, 19”

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