PIONEER: citrine

PIONEER: citrine


The Archetype Collection is inspired by the diverse roles we embody as women.  Ever evolving, we wear our archetype necklaces to stay connected with our strengths and intentions.     

The Pioneer dares to take that initial step into the unknown, confidently and with bravado. She’s an entrepreneur, the first to say YES to a new adventure, and is always seeking to challenge the boundaries of her mind and her environment. Citrine is said to hold the strength of the Sun and to amplify the power of manifestation, and she carries this gem with her to fuel her connection with the undiscovered.

Each gemstone is unique. Your stone will be similar to the stone in the photo, but the size, shape and color will be like no other. We take care to select a beautiful stone for each and every necklace.

14k gold fill chain, 19”

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