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We invite you to reach out online or book an appointment for a custom design meeting at out studio, located in Seattle's Lower Queen Anne neighborhood.  Here are a few of our past projects:


  1. Send us an email ( explaining your vision for the project.  It can be as simple as, “I’d like a ring with a blue stone,” or as elaborate as a story about your daughter’s gymnastics career and how you’d like to create something special to honor all of her hard work and talent.  Please include any photos that help explain your idea, a price range (if you have one in mind), and a due date (if you need the project finished by a certain date.)
  2. We'll get back to you as soon as possible, asking questions, offering ideas, and providing sketches.
  3. Once we have a clear vision of the project, we’ll write up a proposal for you to review, including a detailed description of the project, a sketch, timeline, and price. 
  4. When the proposal is accepted, you’ll receive an online invoice.  Depending on the project, you’ll be asked to put down a deposit, or pay in full before work begins.
  5. We’ll go to work creating you custom design.  When it’s finished, we’ll send you photos and a tracking number. 

Seattle Locals:

We invite you to visit us in person. 

We'll serve you tea or coffee as we sketch and discuss.


3131 Western Ave Ste 320, Seattle WA 98121



call 303.579.5779