Think Audrey Hepburn meets Natalie Portman.  She’ll invest in one, quality wool coat that lasts for years, over the season’s latest cut.  Sophisticated, not stuffy.  Timeless. 



We've curated a collection of pieces made to last her years, to effortlessly fit into her timeless style, and to accentuate her classic beauty. 



Her style is ever-evolving.  She doesn't follow the trends, she sets them.  Her look is fresh and understated.  She likes to experiment, interpret, and evoke. 


She's trendy bundle

Curated for the Trendy girl we have all the jewelry that's "in" this season, with a unique twist that separates if from the rest.  Featuring... 



She likes do yoga, eat local, go hiking with friends, and explore.  She cares for the planet like she cares for her closest friends.  She tends toward earthy tones, expressive patterns, and ethical materials. A woman determined to be free throughout her life. 


She's FREE bundle

Curated for the free-spirited girl who doesn't play by anyone's rules but her own. The pieces in this collection feature items that can go on an epic journey, while reminding her of home.