Wild Opal Ring

Wild Opal Ring


I am a hearty believer that the beauty of the disheveled, wild, and unkempt will always overshadow the stiff ideal of perfection. There’s a time and a place for the pursuit of perfection, like soft boiling an egg, or cutting an exact length of 2x4 for the framing a wall.

However, if perfection brings to mind an hour spent in front of a bathroom mirror surrounded by tiny, expensive pots of face product, WILDNESS elicits the vision of a pack of women frolicking barefoot across a lush field in the rain while hooting and hollering.

In matters of art and personality, imperfection reigns. Irregular. Asymmetrical. Windblown.

The Wild Opal Rings calls for casting off the leash. Wear it as a reminder to laugh louder, go topless on a sunny day, get leaves in your hair, and be a little late.

  • Fire opal

  • sterling silver

  • bronze accent

  • Size 9

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