Perfect Gifts for the Plant Lover In Your Life

Need to find the perfect gift for that plant lover in your life? We got you covered. Sometimes selecting the perfect gift for a friend, family, or a significant other can be a challenge with so many options available.  We've narrowed it down for you with curated a list of jewelry gifts that reflect ones love for plants and nature. 

The beginning of a process is often not flashy. It happens below the surface, with the slow formation of roots. Then, a tiny bud unfurls and reaches upward, vulnerable and optimistic. With love, attention, grit, and time, a mighty tree forms.

Whether raising a baby, starting a business, learning to play a musical instrument, or beginning another kind of journey, the “Start of Something BIG” necklaces is reminder of the courage it takes to start, and the endless possibility that lies ahead. There will be challenges, joy, mistakes, successes, and everything in between. In a word: life.

From deepest roots, tallest branches grow.



Each season is abundant with surprises as plants emerge and delight us with their form, intricacy, color, and vivacity. In our shaded environment, ferns thrive and we’ve become acquainted with stunning varieties. Reading about ferns, we’ve learned they are symbols of magic, fascination, confidence, and shelter. Carved in sterling silver, this petit fern charm is a reminder to stay alert to the bounty afoot that can so easily be passed over in the flow of the day.

We are forever in awe of botanical life. Enduring and pristine, powerful and delicate, intricate and colorful… not to mention the healing properties to sooth, protect, enhance, calm, inspire, and stimulate. We like to admire the wild plant life outside our door. It was very challenging to narrow our selection, but we’ve carved the image of six special plants in sterling silver amulets to help keep you connected with their magical and healing properties. Each necklace comes mounted on an artful card describing the plant’s mojo… perfect for gifting to yourself or a loved one.

Plant options: Fern, Comfrey, Black Cohosh, Rosemary, Aloe Vera, Valerian, Ginger, Sage, Elderflower, Chamomile, Lavender, Wild Rose Hips



There’s something so invigorating about traveling through a new landscape with it’s unique air, colors, and fauna and flora. It’s equally soothing to walk among the familiar. I associate pine trees with home: the sappy smell, the inviting forest they grow in… it’s a place of comfort. Aspens make me think of my years in Colorado, backpacking and ski touring. Cacti remind me of desert climbing trips, and a growing appreciation for the beauty and strength of more harsh land. What do these powerful plants make you think of?



The Bloom Studs represent full expression, becoming one's most complete self, and being willing to take up space. The shape of these studs represent the blooming of a flower.



Subtle, sparkly, and the rich earthy green color of a Cascadian forest on a misty spring hike: these earrings will be your new favorite.  Understated enough for everyday wear, yet fancy enough to accent an evening at the ballet.  

Green Tourmaline is said to provide a heightened sense of awareness, and its vibrations encourage following the heart's desire to help you become even more yourself.  

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