Business Coaching with Britta

I have a passion for small business, because it is a realm of creativity, freedom, and value-driven work.  As a small business owner you can craft the lifestyle of your dreams.  The challenges are real, but the opportunities are limitless.  

My journey as a small business owner started in 2009.  I found my voice from inside a craft show booth.  By 2013, I relied on my business as my sole source of income, and hired my first employees that same year.  I have featured my work at hundreds of craft shows and trade shows across the country.  My jewelry has been sold by major retailers, catalogs, boutiques, pop ups, and online.  Along the way, I have carved out time to travel and galavant in the mountains, moved across state lines five times, bought a house in Seattle, and provided myself with maternity leave.  It's been messy and magical.  I've cried with overwhelm, and bounced with joy.  I celebrate successes, while learning from mistakes.  Fifteen year in, I have a wealth of experiences, inspiration, wisdom, and practical tools to share.  

The internet is overflowing with informative articles and content for business owners, but I find that one on one, personalized discussion is often most valuable for advancement.  That is what I'm offering you.  Whether your have an idea for a business and need help getting started, or you are many years in and looking to better align your business with your ideal lifestyle, let's talk it through and make a plan of action.


Topics we can discuss:

  • I have an idea; how do I start?
  • Motivation & getting “unstuck.”
  • Brand identity.
  • Crafting your story.
  • Product design & packaging.
  • Composing a product assortment.
  • Pricing for profit.
  • Retail shows. (art walks, pop ups, craft shows)
  • Wholesale trade shows.
  • Triggering a purchase.
  • DIY vs outsourcing.
  • Hiring and managing employees.
  • Relationship with risk.
  • Moving past mistakes, failures and losses.
  • Defining success.
  • Designing a business to support your life.



  • $100/ hour for a phone or video call


How it Works

  • Email me at
  • I will respond within two business days with introductory questions, and to start the scheduling process.
  • Payment in full is due to hold space on my calendar.
  • Once scheduled, I will provide a questionnaire and writing prompts.  These are completely optional, but recommended so we can hit the ground running and get the most our of our time together.  
  • We get on our call and focus on YOU and your business!  
  • I'll send a follow up email with notes from our discussion, any relevant resources, and a list of action items.


Cancellation Policy

  • Cancel up to 48 hours before the call:  80% refund
  • Cancel up to one hour before the call: receive 50% off rebooking, no refunds
  • Missed Call: no refunds


    Questions?  Ready to Dive In?

    • Email with "Business Coaching" in the subject line