I have generally thought of “compromising” as a good thing, because it is a willingness to meet others in the middle, collaborate, balance needs and desires, so everyone feels a sense of belonging.  I do value my ability to compromise. 


However, lately I’ve felt drawn to the word “uncompromising”, particularly as it relates to artistic expression.  To be uncompromising is to present one’s ideas, feelings, and truths without making concessions for palatability. 


In the early days of my jewelry business, I was readily willing to compromise, artistically and in other ways.  I was trying hard to “make it work” with little experience and a dream.  My designs were sometimes determined by what would sell quickly and easily, rather than what I felt most alive creating.  I would price pieces less than they were worth, work seven days a week, and sacrifice self-care.  For better or worse, making compromises seemed to allow me to find foot holds, and learn hard lessons.  Now, fifteen years into my journey as a business owner and artist, I’m curious… what would happen if I stopped compromising? 


What if held firm and fair boundaries? 

What if I was kind to my body and spirit and respected to my own needs for rest and inspiration?

What if I allocated time for all the forms of art that I love: painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, installation, dance and writing?

What if every piece of jewelry I craft made my heart and soul SOAR? 


Would it all come crashing down?!?!  


Or, would I shake my mane, enjoying the lightness of a shucked bridle?  Perhaps the rest would allow my mind and body to make space for glimmers of ideas to mushroom into existence?  Would I offer an example to my daughter that encourages her to be her most uninhibited and shiniest self?  Could I develop existing relationships, and attract new ones, by embodying the kind of energy that I crave?  With a little persistence, would a band of wild horses form around me, careening across the landscape with abandon, each as free as the next? 


One thing is certain, artistic expression draws breath from having an audience.  However I direct my journey, I’m am so very grateful to YOU, the person reading this, and the people who have connected with my jewelry and my art.  You make it possible.  Thanks for being with me.  


  • Tears in my eyes! You are amazing.

    These are not your first thoughts along the line. I believe they started to surface when you were in high school, during the outward bound era. They are in full bloom now.

    Living free and creatively in mind, body and soul is your destiny! Keep a balance and drive hard!!

  • Tears in my eyes! You are very special!

    This line of thinking is not new to you though. It started sometime when you were in high school, in the outward bound era.

    A mission to be free and excel in body, mind and soul. It never ends and is always exciting. You are doing a great. Try to keep a balance and push hard!

    Uncle Steve


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